Taking Due Diligence To The Next Level

With news that Yahoo’s CEO, Scott Thompson has resigned after the fact that his academic credentials were inflated was revealed (CLICK HERE), it seems the need for background checks into potential employees seems more obvious than ever.  If big business is not immune – who is to say that the pile of resumes building in your career mailbox isn’t fluffed up as well?

As if due diligence wasn’t already time consuming and prone to mistakes (it is easy to miss something when people are not truthful) but there are companies out there that can be hired to give fake references, supply fake employment history and pad resumes with the online presence and real life reception needed to fool potential employers when they are checked. Companies like CareerExcuse.com are web-based services that offer fake work histories and references for job seekers. Companies like this are an example of unethical people taking advantage of unemployed job seekers that have reached desperate measures trying to make up for spotty work history or poor references; as well as being openly available to people with more criminal fraudulent intentions. Would having your admin assistant checking references for you catch something like this?

Due diligence in checking into resumes and references has reached new levels of detail that are best left to someone that knows what they are looking for.  Sting can check your references, look into the history and verify the businesses listed. Go a little deeper to protect your income, reputation, assets and even your staff – know that who you are hiring is really who they say they are.

Employment Screening   

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