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Resume Padding      

With news that Yahoo's CEO, Scott Thompson has resigned after the fact that his academic credentials were inflated was revealed (click here), it seems the need for background checks into potential employees seems more obvious than ever.  If big business is not immune - who is to say that the pile of resumes building in your career mailbox isn't fluffed up as well? click here.

Integrity Testing  

Integrity testing, pre-employment screening, employee assessments, credibility testing and employment testing are all synonyms for the analyses used in detecting employee concealment. These tests are supplemental to background checks and can also be administered after candidates have started to work. click here.


Ways Employees Steal  

A key role by addressing the issue of employee theft is to evaluate the business. This can point out a particular firm's exposure and urge these potential customers to adopt more stringent financial control practices. Critically important for both underwriters and risk managers is recognition of the most common types of loss involving employee theft, and understanding of the most effective strategies for its prevention. click here.


Dealing With Shoplifters

Loss experts agree that a crucial way to prevent shoplifting is to have well-trained and alert employees. They all need to know how to spot a potential shoplifter. click here.


Vulnerable Sector Checks

RCMP announces faster checks for Vulnerable Sector employees, volunteers. click here.



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