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Sting and elite LVA Employment Screening

Sting Investigations, Inc. has joined forces with elite Layered Voice Analysis, Ltd. to bring Employment Screening to an entirely new level. Together, we have found a way to put a serious dent in that turnover of bad staff that walks onto and off of your payroll. We don’t stop there either – we follow up after the hire in ways that no company has before, to help make sure the right choice was made.

Hospitality (among other industries) is known for its high turnover – hiring new staff is a time consuming and often frustrating job. It’s not surprising that most managers speed through the process and make quick decisions, or they may avoid letting go of poor staff just to avoid the re-hiring process. With a system like that, you usually end up with one or two great employees that make you think “I wish I had 10 more of him/her” – our filter process helps find those types of employees.

You may not feel that you need help to find the right candidate, or that there is really anything wrong with your system. Turnover is a part of the business, right? Well yes, but there are certainly ways to lessen or avoid turnover, and finding quality candidates for the job is the first place to start. Statistics show that a bad hire will cost your company valuable dollars before finally leaving.

Let’s evaluate the cost of a bad hire keeping in mind that it’s not just about the salary you are paying out. Other factors involved are:

  • Interview time
  • Reference checking time
  • Training time
  • Lost profit margins
  • Potential customer problems
  • Staff problems with low morale

As you can see, one bad hire effects the time management, profitability and morale of your entire organization. You can prevent this problem before bringing someone into your corporate culture with a simple, non-invasive filter process provided by Sting Investigations and Elite Layered Voice Analysis.

Together, Sting and Elite utilize an in depth Filter Process (Background Investigation & Layered Voice Analysis) with Post Hire Review (Mystery Shopping &  Online Training).

The Filters - #1 The Background Investigation

When you go to an Investigations Company - you want it to be thorough. It is one thing to collect a bunch of data on a person - it is another to filter through it and see what it is telling you. 

The Filters - #2 Layered Voice Analysis

The elite Interview

Once we have filtered your applicants down to a specified number - it is time for the LVA Screening. Applicants will sit down with an elite operator who will ask pre-approved questions to which they will speak their answers into a microphone. The LVA software will identify various types of stress, emotional reactions and cognitive processes and subsequently can identify deceptive motivation, criminal intentions and general credibility. 

These interviews can happen in person or via telephone. LVA works with any spoken language - it pays no attention to what is being said but instead analyzes how they are saying it.

Understanding the Human Speaking Mechanism

The human speaking process is one of the most complicated procedures the human body performs due to both the number of muscles and physical apparatus involved, and the ways in which they must be synchronized.

The brain plays the leading role by orchestrating and monitoring the entire process to ensure that the sound you emit is the one your brain intended. It also makes sure that the sound is at the correct volume to be heard by the intended listener, and that it is further accepted by the listener in the manner you intended it to be received via such elements as; tone, enunciation, amplitude, tempo, and emphasis.

This core technology developed in Israel provides the means to detect different types of patterns and abnormalities in the speech flow. This allows the operator to determine the real intentions of an individual when it comes to any individual that is attempting to be deceptive.



Elite LVA Ltd., Sting Investigations, Inc. and its professionals will always maintain and ensure complete confidentiality and discretion along with professional ethics and legal behavior with all of its clients and subjects.

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