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Investigation Tools

At Sting, we have a selection of highly professional Private Investigators, with an informative, competent, and pro-active support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are some things however, that you can do on your own before you call us. 

Making our job easier actually saves you money. 

The more information you give us - the less work investigators have to do to reach the final result. Remember, we charge by the hour. When doing surveillance for example, arming our investigators with the right information (home address, work, favourite hangouts, known associates, etc.) you can save hours of surveillance figuring out their routine.

Stay tuned - Investigation Tools is Under Construction. We will go into more ways to save you $$ by doing most of the work yourself.

Sting also offers a full range of specialized Private Investigation Tools available to you on a one-off basis:




Our services are a cost effective and convenient alternative to using police agencies for your criminal background checks. PFSI provides 3rd Party Criminal Name Checks and 3rd Party Certified Criminal Record checks for businesses and organizations doing their due diligence for pre-employment or admission to their organization. Learn More

Background Investigations 

Sting combines all of its tools and services to create an in-depth Background Investigation that can go as deep as required. Learn more

Lie Detection (Layered Voice Analysis)      

This technology is now being used for pre-employment verification, internal and fraud investigations, in the hiring process, and in many other civil and government applications. To learn more about the history and technology behind Layered Voice Analysis, click here.


Video Surveillance     

Talk to Sting today about video surveillance click here.


More Self Help Investigative Tools Coming Soon!!

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