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Hospitality Investigations   


At Sting Investigations, Inc., we take Hospitality to an entire new level often revealing issues hidden from Management. Our reporting is top of the line and customized to fit your needs. From pre-screening your future employees with background checks to integrity testing your current staff with POS analytics and surveillance. Learn more








Background Investigations   


Sting combines all of its tools and services to create an in-depth Background Investigation that can go as deep as required. Learn more





Mystery Shopping  


The level and quality of service you deliver to your customers is vital to your company's success. Your customers' total experience with your company and your staff dictate whether your company will succeed or fail...whether you will be profitable or not. Objective, anonymous, third party assessments of the customer experience will provide the information you need to ensure that your expectations for customer experience are carried out in reality. Learn more


Workplace Investigations   


Some of our specialized services include: Bar Evaluations, Integrity Testing, Liquor Inventory Spot Checks, Internal Investigations, Security and Safety Risk Assessments. Sting utilizes sophisticated investigative techniques that combine state-of-the-art equipment with proven hands-on methods. Learn more


Personal Investigations   


Sting specializes in various personal investigations such as tenant screening, video surveillance, injury/accident claims, background checks, infidelity matters, paternity and child custody matters, computer security and locating birth family members. We offer an investigative capability that can respond immediately, discreetly and comprehensively to suspected criminal or civil wrongdoing. Learn more





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