Security Licensing

Effective November 30, 2009, all persons wishing to become a security professional in British Columbia must successfully complete a 40-hour mandatory basic security training (BST) program to qualify for a license. The training is mandatory and applies to the following classes of license:
  •     Armoured Car Guard
  •     Body Armour Sales
  •     Closed Circuit Television Installer
  •     Electronic Locking Devise Installer
  •     Locksmith
  •     Locksmith under supervision
  •     Private Investigator
  •      Private Investigator - Under Supervision
  •     Security Alarm Installer
  •     Security Alarm Installer under supervision
  •     Security Alarm Response
  •     Security Alarm Sales
  •     Security Consultant
  •     Security Guard - includes in-house security guards (persons employed by a business that does not hold a security business license such as a hospital, retail store or a university), loss prevention workers, body guards and doorpersons at establishments licensed under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.
  •      Security Guard under supervision (90 day license) a security guard under supervision must be supervised by a fully unrestricted security guard at all times while on duty.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Security Training (BST) course, you must meet all licensing requirements as set out under the Security Services Act and outlined by the Security Programs and Police Technology Division of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Sting Executive Group International, Inc. is accredited to teach the BST/ABST, AB Professional Investigator Training, does fingerprinting and can assist with e-licensing.

BC Security License Checklist

[ ] Fill out Application for a NEW Security Worker License (#SPD0503)

[ ] Complete Request for FINGERPRINTING form (#SPD0507) - Take to Sting Investigations to get fingerprinted.

[ ] Provide copy of proof of citizenship (passport or birth certificate) and work permit (if applicable)

[ ] Provide copy of government issued identification (passport or provincial photo ID)

[ ] Provide passport quality photo (.jpg acceptable for applying online)

[ ] Provide copy of Basic Security Training (BST) certificate (not required for temp licenses)

[ ] Provide complete statement if you have been convicted of a summary conviction offence

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