Mystery Shopping - Retail

Sting Investigations, Inc. is a fully licensed Investigations Agency with a focus on evaluating the quality of service you deliver to your customers, which is vital to your company's success. We are here to make sure that your employees are offering the service that you train them to do as a non bias, third party.

In the retail industry it is vital that customers are given the total customer experience. Having a third party do this will provide the information you need to ensure that your expectations for customer experience are carried out in reality. This can identify areas which need improvement and can identify areas which training is working particularly well. We design every report around the wants and needs of each client.


Is the marketing plan that you have invested in being executed at store level?

Are your employees acting as your brand ambassadors?

Are your staff up to date on the current promotions?


The areas we will observe in your store include but are not limited to:

  • Front window displays
  • Cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the store
  • Customer service
  • Product placement (easy to shop and well organized)
  • Signs and promotions
  • Purchase (check out)
  • Product knowledge of staff
  • In store displays
  • Greeting from staff on entering the store
  • Phone inquiry for phone etiquette evaluation  
  • Employee appearance (uniform/name tag)
  • Add ons to purchase at checkout and on the sales floor


We design every survey unique to the client. We do this to make sure that we observe what matters most to your business! We make sure the policies and procedures you have in place are being performed by your staff. 



For more information on this, and any other of our Mystery Shopping Programs, including access to a demo version of our reporting, please fill out a Request for Service Quote - or contact us today!

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