Mystery Shopping - Fitness Facilities

In the fitness industry it is vital that potential members are asked the right questions and given a tour of the facility correctly. Having an unbiased third party do this will provide the information you need to ensure that your expectations for customer experience are carried out in reality. This can identify areas of training which need improvement and can identify areas of training that are working particularly well.

Most gyms offer complimentary fitness consultations to show a new member the importance of investing in a personal trainer. Personal training is a big investment for a new client and we are here to make sure that the proper sales techniques are being used as well as any other areas that you may want to evaluate. For example - terms used by your personal trainer might be confusing for someone who may be very new to the gym environment and making sure a new member doesn’t feel uncomfortable or offended. We design every report around the wants and needs of each client. 

We will have a trained mystery shopper come into your facility and go through the whole process of signing up at your facility. What will be observed during this shop can include but is not limited to:

  • Look/appearance of gym (exterior and interior)
  • Customer service of front end staff
  • Cleanliness of the facility
  • Personal appearance of employees
  • Phone call inquiry to evaluate phone etiquette
  • The full tour of the facility
  • Membership options and price presentation
  • Personal training presentation
  • Referral  presentation
  • Paperwork and contract signing
  • Fitness consultation presentation
  • Fitness consultation with a personal trainer
  • Specific Promotions

…and any other areas that may be of concern to you.

This will make sure that all the policy and procedures you have in place are being performed. Do not let staff with poor knowledge or a bad attitude hurt your bottom line!



For more information on this, and any other of our Mystery Shopping Programs, including access to a demo version of our reporting, please fill out a Request for Service Quote - or contact us today!



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