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Internet Dating Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!!
A truth in life regarding us as human beings: we will always pay bills and taxes, and hopefully fall in love. Canadians spend billions of dollars a year looking for love via singles bars, chat lines, speed dating, personal ads and of course the Internet Dating Scene, which in recent years has become one of the hottest ways to meet that Mr. or Ms. Right.
Unfortunately, more often than not, they turn out to be that not so special someone you never bargained for: be it a gold digger, stalker, someone else’s cheating spouse, an unemployed bum, liar or your worst nightmare. Every year we hear of an innocent internet date turning into a horrible crime scene.
The Great News Is… we have a way to guarantee your safety! Forget the fear and enjoy all the magic and butterflies of your first date.
Now before you start thinking three’s a crowd - you’re absolutely right!! 
By bringing your own private Date Guardian along with you, we offer you an unlimited sphere of protection and comfort without ever being a part of your romantic liaison.
Is that going to be awkward?? No, not in the least and here’s why:  STING’s Internet Dating Security Division has only the best Private Investigators and covert Executive Protection Specialists, highly trained to offer you a warm, cozy blanket of protection throughout your entire date or for as long as you require us to be available.  All done in a very hush, hush, low profile approach, we will never raise any eyebrows or red flags with anyone - especially your date - offering you piece of mind, knowing you can enjoy your date in complete serenity, and simply focus on the moment.
Does this service cost a fortune?  Quite the contrary - Sting’s Internet Dating Service is designed to be completely affordable. We are fully aware of the inherent dangers that single women/men can face when utilizing the internet to meet that special someone, so we have designed our services to fit into practically any budget. STING prides itself on top level Executive Service but at a budget price. In fact, most cases your private membership onto an internet dating site is far higher.
STING’s Internet Dating Division, encompasses a full range of options to ensure your internet dating experience is safe.

Before Your Date:

  • Confidential Background Investigation on any potential suitor, such as if he/she is currently married or betrothed to another, has a criminal record and any other pertinent information that you request of us to discover, to help you make the most informed decision. We are so discreet in our investigative process, no one except you and STING will ever know, they were investigated.
  • Self Defense Training - our personal protection specialist will offer you private or if you wish a semi private training program for you and some of your closest friends, to participate in learning some highly effective, easy to learn, defensive tactics for personal self defense. This includes on the ground or on a bed, against a knife or gun, how to use anything as a weapon, how to use your body structure in your favor, a whole host of tips and techniques you can use to defeat the largest adversary and gain results you never thought possible, but guarantee save your life and the awesome news its all designed only for women. Its all private and discreet, we can do the training at a location of your choice, home or office or to save yourself a little bit of money, join us at our training academy in New Westminster.

During Your Date:

  • Date Guardian Service When you are satisfied that this is the one to meet in real life, we will meet  you and issue you some very simple signals that will let your Date Guardian know whether or not you’re in need of assistance. Very discreetly we will get you out of the location if the need arises and if, for any reason, you decide to relocate, your Date Guardian will be with you every step of the way if you choose. You also have the option to send your Guardian away if everything seems on the up and up - your Guardian will remain on call in case anything happens later to change your mind. So no more first date worries, about whether your Internet Prince Charming is really a frog or worse yet a nightmare in disguise; let your safety be our priority and ensure your date is worry free.
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