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Sting Investigations, Inc. is a specialized security consulting, investigations, training and business risk agency providing intelligent investigative and security solutions for the hospitality, residential and corporate industries.  We offer innovative solutions that will reduce your losses or liability and increase profitability. 

Sting has created alliances with various private security companies within various geographic areas across Canada.  This permits us to dispatch an investigator, security officer, or plain-clothed officer on an assignment within minutes, in those special circumstances when a client needs immediate service.  We have made it our goal to ensure that we are providing innovative solutions and the best investigative service available.  We believe that it is our commitment to this goal that has resulted in our success.

At Sting Investigations, Inc. we utilize sophisticated investigative techniques that combine state-of-the-art equipment, including tracking and GPS technology, with proven hands-on methods to achieve results.   We specialize in internal investigations, surveillance, loss prevention, consulting, hotel & bar investigations, locates, background checks, paternity and child custody matters, computer security, forensics, locating birth family members, and criminal defense work.  Upon completion of our investigation you will be given a copy of the video (format that is admissible in court) accompanied with a detailed narrative report, GPS tracking report (optional) and stills.  Our investigators and plain-clothed officers have given evidence before Civil Courts, Criminal Court and Arbitration Boards.  We collaborate with several investigating firms across Canada to give client specific services. 


MISSION STATEMENT - Sting Investigations, Inc.


“Where Security Professionalism Meets Investigative Excellence”


Our goal is to make a difference in the Security Industry through commitment, quality and by offering the most cutting edge programs and services that we are proud to stand behind.

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