Deception Detection

Layered Voice Analysis - The Technology

Lying is the result of a deep, deliberate, and logical process that is executed with a particular intention. Layered Voice Analysis is capable of detecting the associated emotions behind the deception, and by doing so can lead to identifying and revealing the meaningful deception itself.

Layered Voice Analysis was invented in 1997 in Israel for security purposes (truth verification, threat assessment and emotion identification). This technology is now being used for internal and fraud investigations,pre-employment verification in the hiring process and in many other civil and government applications. 

Employment Screening   

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LVA technology ignores the content of what the subject is saying and the language being used; instead it focuses on the patterns and abnormalities in the speech flow.

The 3 LVA Usage Modes:

Online Mode 

Allows for real time analysis of face to face interviews or via telephone. 

  • Real-time feedback helps the operator focus on suspected issues and obtain more information. 
  • Displays analysis results using basic expressions: "Truth", Inaccuracy", "High Stress" and "False Statement".
  • Records the conversation for further analysis.

Offline Mode 

Analyzes pre-recorded material from a variety of sources.

  • Produces an in-depth assessment
  • Shows the complete range of the subject's emotions during the interview
  • Each voice segment is analyzed separately
  • Statistical information and graphic reports

Investigation Mode 

Similar to the questions used in a polygraph test, Investigation Mode uses very precise closed ended questions designed for direct truth verification.

  • Unlike the Polygraph, subject is not "hooked up" to any machine - they simply speak their answers into a microphone.
  • The questionnaire for this Mode is pre-planned - truth verification via questions created with yes/no answer intended to get to the facts quickly.

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Elite LVA Ltd., Sting Investigations, Inc. and its professionals will always maintain and ensure complete confidentiality and discretion along with professional ethics and legal behavior with all of its clients and subjects.



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